Jayamahesh Chitty Funds

We stand before you, the customers for more than five decades comitted to sincere performance with trust and dignity.Your faith in us is always deemed with regards.We started SREE MURUGA CHITTY FUND in 1945 and since then run Government authorised chitty only.We could win the faith and confidence of our customers and with the grace of god.We converted theabove institution in to a Limited Company in 1994 under the Companies Act 1956 and the Indian Govt.Chit Fund Act 1982.Sec.23 Rule 25 and started JAYA MAHESH CHITS PVT.LTD. Now we continue the service without accepting any deposit from the public and handle only Government Authorised and Registered auction chits.We make good dealings with our customers with our slogan "GOOD DEALINGS AND PROMPT SERVICE". Even though chity funds are mushrooming all around, on the strength of publicity. Our strength is the only subscribers and we consider every word and deed of our customers as our publicity with pride. By offering very simple guarantee measures we Co-Operate with the subscribers as a model to other chit funds. We thank our customers and solicit your esteemed Co-Operation in this regard.

"Your's Trust is Our Pride"

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